Socal & Winnofil

Rheology control, anti-sag and slump, improved adhesion, improved storage stability and a range of other enhancements for adhesives and sealants.
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A host of customisable benefits       

If you’re a manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, you need excellent thixotropy, outstanding extrusion rates, enhanced mechanical properties and shelf-life stability, all without compromising whiteness, opacity, smoothness or the perfect surface profile. 

To help you obtain all these results, we created our range of ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonates, Socal & Winnofil. 

Whether they’re used in moisture-curing or other curing systems, Socal & Winnofil present a variety of benefits ranging from rheology control to anti-sag and slump, improved adhesion, improved storage stability and enhanced mechanical properties. 

They can be added to high-performance silicone sealants, polyurethane sealants, medium-modulus hybrid polymer sealants, polysulfide systems, PVC plastisols or butyl sealant and tapes. 

Available in a range of grades, particle sizes and surface coatings, Socal & Winnofil can also be formulated for hot-melt adhesives, bituminous membranes, sealant tapes or strips, cavity fillers for the automotive sector, acrylic sealants, putties and mastics.

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