Infrastructure & utilities

When it comes to Infrastructure & utilities solutions, we take a project-based approach in order to best leverage our wide range of technical solutions with our unrivaled application expertise.

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Mineral solutions for your infrastructure & utilities projects

Above ground or below, at plants, construction sites, roadworks or in sewers and undergrounds, owners and decision makers seek out better and smarter and more sustainable ways to take on the construction and, later, maintenance of their infrastructure and utility assets. 

Infrastructure projects take time, and time takes foresight. That’s why, when it comes to infrastructure & utilities solutions, we take a project based approach in order to best leverage our wide range of speciality products with our unrivalled expertise. As a technical solutions provider, we dive deep into your needs to provide long lasting mineral solutions that are right for you, thanks to the wide Imerys portfolio.

With a global portfolio and a local footprint, our technical support team works closely with applicators on the ground for delivery, training, correct use and application, to ensure rapidity, ease of use, safety, sustainability and longevity of your project.  

Our stakeholders are varied, from the asset owners and project engineers looking to manage costs, practicalities and sustainability, to applicators and craftspeople on the ground applying solutions to the surfaces, from both the public and private spheres. Our solutions serve five key sub-segments; wastewater, heavy duty industrial sites, mining, roadworks and civil underground works, and are either supplied ready-to-use on the jobsite or developed together with the client to suit the specificities of the project. Our specialty solutions, from IBECO® bentonite, to Fondag® high resistance concrete and SewperCoat® anti-corrosion mortar are all well established, reputed, innovative and widely sought after. And when appropriate, we can also provide other mineral levers like metakaolin, perlite, mica, chamotte or many others from the Imerys portfolio.