Our mineral solutions improve the properties of hotmelts, butyl, EPDM rubber sealant strips, and solvent-based sealers.
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The real deal on seals    

If you’re producing sealants, our mineral solutions can give you a range of benefits including improved sandability and adhesion, enhanced elasticity and cracking resistance, and improved rheology and storage stability. 

Our products are designed to make spreading easier, extend pot life and they’re all natural, environmentally friendly solutions. Try PolCarb™ ground calcium carbonate or ImerCarb™ ground calcium carbonate. Each makes a cost-effective extender solution for butyl and EPDM sealant strips.

PolCarb ground calcium carbonates offers low decantation properties, and is also suitable for hotmelt sealants or butyl mastics. Luzenac talc is our other range for butyls, and is particularly recommended for its anti-scratch properties in insulated glazing primary seals.

The Suzorite®, MU and WG mica ranges also impart anti-mudcracking, barrier properties and superior whiteness for joint compounds. 

Key benefits