Our unique ball clays, extra white or fluid kaolins, halloysites, chamottes, feldspars, quartz, talcs and wollastonites are solutions of choice for bodies, frits, glazes and engobes for sanitaryware, tableware and tiles.

Ceramic sinks

High-performance solutions for the ceramics industry

From porcelain dinner plates to stylish bathroom shower trays or trendy countertops, the design and quality of ceramics influence many areas of our daily lives. 

Mainly composed of natural minerals, ceramic products' great popularity can be explained by its unique properties: design versatility, long service life, easy cleaning and optimal hygienic characteristics, high strength, wear resistance, chemical inertness, resistance to heat and sometimes also a specific porosity. 

If you’re manufacturing ceramic tableware, sanitaryware or tiles, you need the highest standards when it comes to whiteness, mechanical strength and dimensional stability. 

The origin of Imerys in ceramics can be found dating back to our humble beginnings in Europe beginning in 1782 with UK Kaolins and 1786 with Marcognac deposits in France. Since then Imerys has expanded worldwide to become the world’s leading supplier of high-performance mineral solutions and kiln furniture for the ceramics industry.

We mine and process minerals to offer an extensive portfolio of superior quality minerals such as unique ball clays, extra white kaolins and halloysites, chamottes, feldspars, quartz, talcs and wollastonites.

These make ideal raw materials for bodies, frits, glazes and engobes for ceramics applications like sanitaryware, tableware, tiles or large surfaces. 

But we also offer an extended portfolio of mineral solutions for technical ceramics including kaolins and talcs, alumina, steatite and cordierite bodies.

In addition, we manufacture a large range of ready-made solutions for tableware and sanitaryware customers, including bodies (suitable for most common production processes) as well as glazes available in spray-dried granulates, slurry or powder form.

Adding value with high-quality solutions

Our bespoke offering to ceramics manufacturers includes high-quality products, formulation services from our dedicated ceramics laboratories, state-of-the-art technical support and on-site production support.

Imerys also offers a comprehensive set of high-performance cordierite, mullite and SiC (Silicon-Carbide) based kiln furniture solutions for the sanitaryware and tableware industries. Harnessing our wide portfolio of quality materials and state-of-the-art production technologies, our design office is able to tailor any of these solutions to our customers' specific requirements.

Our technical support teams are located globally and, based on their extensive experience, they cooperate with our customers in ceramic formulation to understand production issues, improve productivity, improve product quality or develop cost-effective solutions.

Download our technical data sheets and brochures for more information, or get in touch to tell us about your processes and discuss the mineral options that are right for you.