From abrasives and animal care to paints & coatings and plastics, we operate in a diverse range of markets internationally across major industry sectors. Imerys brings unrivalled value and performance along the entire supply chain, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers every step of the way.

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Automotive & transportation

We offer a range of innovative mineral solutions for optimized cars, serving the automotive industry and helping manufacturers meet todays’ environmental and technological challenges.



Our minerals are used in a huge range of construction applications, such as solar panels, dry mortars and plasters, adhesives and sealants, to ceramic sanitaryware, flooring, paint, tiles, pipes and window frames.

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Consumer goods & healthcare

We mine and process minerals around the world for a highly diverse range of consumer and healthcare goods, from toothpaste and cosmetics – and the packaging that it all comes in.

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Energy & electronics

We have global experience in providing mineral solutions including mobile energy for electric vehicles; power generation and transmission; energy storage; and oil, gas and coal production.

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Industry & equipment

We provide minerals for a range of specialist applications across the machinery, automotive, cryogenic insulation, foundry coatings and plastics recycling sectors.

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Iron & steel

We add value and optimize performance in metal production markets worldwide with a range of smart mineral solutions.

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