Innovation partnerships

Imerys can be your agent of change, unlocking the potential of minerals and materials science to help you adapt, grow and thrive in the markets of tomorrow.
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Innovating to power your growth    

Anticipating and responding to our customers’ changing needs through innovation is the bedrock of our successful, long-term customer relationships. Continuous research and innovation allow us to develop game-changing products, processes and technologies that are helping to redefine the future of minerals.

This means new ways of thinking, fresh ideas, new technology platforms, and new ways to deliver more sustainable solutions for future generations. It means working with our partners across the value chain to bring together expertise in mineral applications and materials science to discover as yet unknown solutions.

Our Science & Technology teams have several hundred years of combined mineral expertise, along with unrivaled applications knowledge to improve customer formulations. We partner with our customers and the world’s leading research institutes to deliver tomorrow’s innovations and drive growth. 

Hand in hand with customers…

Pooling our expertise groupwide at our Technology Centers, we work in close partnership with our customers to develop new, unique solutions to solve technical challenges they may be facing, or helping them to find new solutions.

And with research institutes worldwide

Our Science & Technology teams are also engaged in applied research, working extensively with universities and external institutes in Europe and the USA to ensure we draw on knowledge and expertise that’s at the forefront of technology.

Each year, we introduce new products onto the market, including continuity innovations, resulting from improvements to the existing range, and disruptive innovations, based on the development of new concepts.

Our latest innovations

Working at our Technology Centers in John's Creek, Atlanta (USA), Tianjin (China), Cornwall (UK), Bironico (Switzerland), Villach (Austria), Lyon and Toulouse (France), our S&T teams focus on finding ground-breaking applications for our minerals and new formulations to improve existing applications and meet future needs.

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