Discover our TERNAL range of calcium aluminate binders developed to provide specific benefits to even the most demanding formulations.
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Calcium aluminate binders for the construction industry

Specifically developed to meet the most stringent demands of building chemistry manufacturers in terms of consistency, performance, colour and reactivity, our TERNAL range of calcium aluminate binders offers a wide choice of guaranteed characteristics and specifications for dry-mix mortar producers. 

The TERNAL product range represents the latest in industrial innovation and performance reliability, developed to offer improved properties and play a vital role in the development of equally innovative solutions. It forms part of the composition of specialty mortars, in association with other hydraulic binders (such as Portland cement, calcium sulfates, lime, etc.), aggregates (limestone, silica sand, pozzolanic materials, etc.), polymers and organic admixtures.

Shema Ternal

Depending on the intended end use, our TERNAL products provide specific functions ranging from the control of setting time, rapid hardening or fast drying to size variation control, color stability and durability to corrosion and abrasion resistance and high mechanical strength.

Tableau Ternal Properties
Ternal properties

Key benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Protection and robustness
  • Visual comfort
  • Lean-mix design

Key Products

Powering performance consistency

TERNAL RG is the calcium aluminate binder of choice for applications where performance consistency is key. It is especially designed for 15+ ingredients mortars where mastering interactions between all those ingredients are a must - e.g. in self-leveling underlayments.  

RG stands for Regular Grade.

TERNAL RG-S secures the long-term performance of drymix mortars, boosting performance consistency with time and making possible to extend the mortars’ shelf-life up to 12 months – even in paper bags.  

TERNAL RG-S is efficiently protected against moisture adsorption.

TERNAL SE is the calcium aluminate binder of choice for drymix mortars demanding an additional boost of reactivity especially at early ages and/or at low temperatures.

TERNAL SE is very suitable for OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement)-rich technical mortars.

TERNAL EP is specifically engineered for the development of binary binders’ formulations with a suitable source of calcium sulfate.

TERNAL EP do not not require the use of Portland cement in formulation: It allows easy formulation logic and power stronger robustness e.g. to environmental conditions.

TERNAL EV powers the same performance as TERNAL EP yet with a built-in flow which simplifies formulations further.

TERNAL EP and TERNAL EV power outstanding drying performance and early strengths to flooring compounds, compared to classical ternary systems. They contribute to a lower environmental footprint and ease the formulation of an entire range of flooring compounds, from mid to high performance.

TERNAL NT is a family of calcium aluminate-based accelerators for ordinary Portland cement.

Easy-to-use they are made for concrete repair, grouts and fixing mortars.

TERNAL NT includes an easy-to-use off-white binder for decorative purposes.

TERNAL LC is the calcium aluminate binder of choice whenever a light final color is required. TERNAL LC's color is intermediate between that of TERNAL RG and TERNAL White.

Substitution of either of these products by TERNAL LC will demand little or no reformulation work.

TERNAL LC is perfectly suitable for concrete repair mortars or wall levelers.

TERNAL XF is the calcium aluminate binder of choice for drymix mortars that have to resist to extreme solicitations such as vibrations, impacts and high loads.

TERNAL XF is especially recommended for technical mortars and industrial floors.

TERNAL White is the binder of choice for all decorative applications.

TERNAL White is a white calcium aluminate binder powering color stability, brightness and non-efflorescence to drymix mortars.

TERNAL White also powers the reference functions of calcium aluminate e.g. early strengths, quick & self-drying.

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