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A world leader in calcium aluminate technology, Fondu Technology develops high-added-value products and innovative solutions tuned to its clients’ expectations.
Fondu Technology

Calcium aluminate technology for better performance

A world leader in calcium aluminate technology, Fondu Technology develops high-added-value products and innovative solutions tuned to its clients’ expectations. The result of a long history of materials manufacturing expertise, its offering combines resistance (to heat, corrosion, abrasion, etc.), fast setting and rapid hardening.

Fondu Technology is mainly directed to merchants and only packed ready to use aluminate based mortars.

Key products

First patented by industry figurehead Jules Bied of the Pavin de Lafarge company in 1908 after successfully inventing a sulfate-resistant specialty binder to line railway tunnels through rocks with high concentrations of magnesium and sodium sulfate, Ciment Fondu is not only our first product, but also the starting-point for our historic know-how that still holds strong today.

As a true aluminate pioneer, the Ciment Fondu product range is versatile and resistant, and it can be used alone or mixed. It is a setting accelerator for portland types of cement or specialty binders for concrete in intense conditions. 

When added to regular specialty binders, the Ciment Fondu product range makes it possible to accelerate the hardening of concretes and mortars from 3 to 30 minutes, for a quicker return to operations on small projects (after 6 hours). It can be considered fully dry after only 48 hours. When mixed with aggregates as a single binder, Ciment Fondu concrete is highly resistant to impacts, variations in temperature (as low as -10°C) and various types of corrosion. It has a concrete work VOC classification of A+.

Ciment Fondu is a hydraulic binder obtained by cooking a mix of limestone and clay, followed by milling. Its applications are plentiful, including reveals, edges, sealing hinges, fences, lintels, shop floors, industrial floors, barbecues, fire drill areas, ovens, incinerator walls, sewage and wastewater systems, seaside projects, agricultural buildings and agri-food industries.

Fondulit is a ready-to-use refractory mortar perfect for assembling and repairing opened and closed hearths and barbecues. When used for laying or grouting tiles, it is also resistant to certain types of corrosion such as water containing sulfates and mineral salts (pH ‎≤ 4).

Used by craftspeople in the construction and public works sector for projects that can withstand very high temperatures, this refractory mortar is used to create lasting joints in masonry elements.

A refractory mortar, Fondulit mortar is formulated with an alumina specialty binder and aggregate base that resists up to 1,300°C. This makes it ideal for refractory brick masonries such as barbecues, fireplaces, chimneys, open and closed hearths, as well as peri-refractory work, boilers and furnaces. Fondulit mortar must be used alone, without adding Portland cement.

In addition, Fondulit mortar is functional in cold temperatures (up to -10°C), lending itself well to winter projects and work at altitude. However, you must protect your mortar from frost for the first few hours after use. It is also suitable for seaside projects, hardening between tides, and harsh chemical environments (acids, chlorides, sulfates, etc.).

As reliable as it is quick, the Fast & Fondu product range is the Formula 1 of ready-to-use mortars. With its effectiveness and strength, this rapid setting mortar for aggressive environments is always in pole position.

Fully leveraging Fondu Technology, Fast & Fondu products are quick-setting mortars that are great for quick repairs in general, or for small masonry and road projects, such as sealing or attachments. The product range stands out from other quick-setting mortars because it is free from any Portland cement, and has a high resistance to temperature (550°C), corrosion (pH > 4) and harsh environments (sea water, sulfate rich areas etc.).

The Fast & Fondu product range is a 100% calcium aluminate binder with a wide range of possible applications that can be used to seal hinges, attach pipes and fix posts. Applied vertically or horizontally, it is also suitable for sea defense and marine projects or harsh chemical and high-sulfate environments. Fast & Fondu products must be used alone, without adding Portland cement. After pouring and applying, there is no need to cure or cover the mortar.

As quick as it is strong, our new Fonducrete ready-to-use concrete is suitable for all types of industrial constraints. Enabling super-fast return to use within six hours, it is the ideal concrete for quick-turnaround worksites.

The product of a mix of calcium aluminate specialty binders, specifically selected aggregates and additives, Fonducrete concrete was specially designed to provide specific performance levels in a variety of applications. As a middle ground between traditional concrete and Fondag® extreme conditions concrete, this Fonducrete concrete is particularly suitable for use in restrictive applications.

Made of a binder based exclusively on calcium aluminates, Fonducrete concrete is compliant with Standard EN 14647 and boasts the intrinsic resistance to corrosion properties of alumina specialty binders. Its applications include construction work requiring very quick resumption of activity (C25/30 after 6 hours), work on the coast or in areas subjected to de-icing salts, work in agricultural and wine-making environments, peri-refractory work up to 550°C and agri-food industries such as sugar, dairy, cheese factory and fishery operations.

Fonducrete concrete must be used without any additional specialty binders, admixtures, fillers or construction aggregates. To ensure good consistency, we recommend using a mechanical mixing system.

Fondustep mortar is specifically designed to protect new or existing municipal wastewater infrastructure from biogenic corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and is more generally used to protect or restore various manholes, channels, wastewater treatment plants and other pipes.

Fondustep mortar is a 100% bauxite specialty binder that resists H2S corrosion better than a mortar composed of standard specialty binder and even PMSR. It can be applied manually or by mechanical sprayer, sets quickly to be ready for use, and can be used in cold conditions (max 0°C). It carries a COV A+ classification.

These high performance products can be combined to achieve even more remarkable resistance. This grants a near infinite amount of options for professionals who want to save time, expect quality or are faced with challenging working conditions. Our binders and mortars can be used in a broad range of challenging areas from sewers (systems, pipes, etc.) to civil engineering and mining (roads, etc.) and industrial buildings (foundries, chemical industry, steel plants, etc.) to mountain or coastal areas, etc.

Fondu Technology
Fondu Technology

A word from an expert

Fabien Deschryver, Sales Manager Building & Infrastructure

Fabien Deschryver

Sales Manager Building & Infrastructure
"The durability of materials and low carbon footprint are one of the keys to our future"

Ciment Fondu

Ciment Fondu from Imerys has earned the EC certificate of conformity with standard EN 14647, relating to calcium aluminate cements. In France, this quick-setting cement carries two labels, EC and NF. The NF label guarantees a level of requirements that are additional to and higher than the community regulations for performance and product inspection procedures.


When you use Ciment Fondu to speed up setting for your concrete or to make concrete that is resistant to extreme conditions (heat, cold, abrasion, chlorides, etc.), the quantity must be 400 kg/m3 of cement and the water/cement ration must be a maximum of 0.40.

When using the cement on site, see the instructions on the back of the bag.

If you decide to use a ready-to-use cement, see the concretor of your choice.

We recommend potable water.

Ciment Fondu concretes or mortars can be used to make screeds that are less than 5 cm thick. But special precautions must be taken. As the mortar or concrete hardens very quickly within a few hours of being used, it shrinks rapidly, which could lead to problems such as lack of adherence, cracking, etc.

If this happens, contact us.

This alumina cement must be used with aggregates. To determine the quantity required, see the information on the back of the bag.

You can also use synthetic aluminosilicate calcium aggregates such as ALAG® for maximum mechanical and chemical resistance.

We recommend wearing gloves, and more generally, complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

See the safety data sheet.

Used with the correct aggregates, Ciment Fondu can withstand very high temperatures. However, if you mix it with a regular cement, it will lose all of its technical characteristics relating to temperature resistance.

A poker vibrator or an equivalent tool must be used when placing the concrete.

This will ensure that the form is properly filled.


Ideal for concrete work in cold temperatures, Ciment Fondu can be used when the outside temperature is as low as -10°C. In this case, the concrete must be mixed at ambient temperature using aggregates that are not frozen.

In the first few hours after pouring, the surface of the concrete must be protected (using polyethylene, for example) from the air and from any other matter with a temperature below 0°C. This will prevent the concrete from freezing in these first few hours.

Ciment Fondu does not have any type of Health Compliance Certificate (HCC) for projects that will come into contact with foodstuffs or potable water.


Masonry work with refractory bricks is the same as with regular bricks. However, we recommend socking refractory bricks in water for at least 24 hours and leaving them to dry before laying with an alumina cement. Once your barbecue or chimney is finished, lit a gradual fire 48 hours after the work is complete. Avoid excessively high temperatures when used for the first few times.




Ciment Fondu is dark gray, but other refractory cements are available, such as those in the SECAR range, which vary from light gray to white (SECAR 71).


Although Ciment Fondu is not an anti-acid material, it has better resistance than traditional cements to corrosion caused by acid or bacterial attacks (up to a pH of 4). This is why it is widely used to protect sewer systems and for projects close to the ocean or in agricultural environments.

Below this threshold and up to a pH of 3.5, mix Ciment Fondu with aggregates for optimal resistance and durability.

The setting time for the mixture as well as the resistance obtained depend on the type of regular cement used and the quantity of Ciment Fondu. The setting time varies from 3 to 30 minutes depending on the percentage of Ciment Fondu added.

3 parts regular cement + 1 part Ciment Fondu = setting time between 10 and 30 min.

2 parts regular cement + 1 part Ciment Fondu = setting time between 3 and 10 min.

The shrinkage rates for traditional concrete and Ciment Fondu concrete are similar. However, Ciment Fondu shrinks more quickly (within the first few days after pouring). Therefore, Ciment Fondu concrete requires expansion joints that are closer together.

Fast & Fondu

Fast & Fondu is exclusively based on the «Ciment Fondu technology». Free from any Portland cement, Fast & Fondu has a high resistance to temperature (550°C), corrosion (pH > 4) and harsh environments (seawater, sulfate rich areas etc.)

Fast & Fondu can be used to seal hinges, attach pipes, fix posts. Applied vertically or horizontally, Fast & Fondu is also suitable for sea defense and marine projects or high-sulfate environments.


Fondulit, the ready-to-use mortar from Imerys, can only be used for open-hearth projects such as fireplaces or barbecues. Therefore, this refractory binder cannot be used for the closed hearth of a pizza oven, unless it is coated with a product that comes with a health compliance certificate.

Fondulit is a ready-to-use refractory mortar. Only Ciment Fondu results in faster setting for traditional mortars and concretes, when regular cement is added.

Fondulit refractory mortar can be used for joints. Setting time is about 2 hours.

You want to use the high technology of alumina cements for a project. Here are some answers to the questions you may have before, during and after you use these products.

Fondulit can be used in cold weather, up to a temperature of -10°C. However, you must protect your mortar from frost for the first few hours after use.


Yes. Because it is made of alumina cement, Fonducrete is a concrete that can be used even in extreme temperatures as low as -10°C. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use at altitude or in cold rooms.


Fondustep is composed of 100% bauxite / aluminate cement binder that guarantees better resistance to H2S than a mortar composed of standard cement and even PMSR.

Fondustep’s huge advantage is its many application possibilities: mechanical sprayer or manual.

Fondustep’s light brown color comes from the bauxite / aluminate cement it contains.

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