Mining solutions that ensure cost and performance as well as a rapid return to service whenever needed.

Mineral solutions for mining

Mining is a demanding business. The imperatives of productivity, profitability and safety are constantly challenged by the very nature of the profession. The pressure on mine maintenance managers to take on robust, resistant, yet easy to use, cost-effective and safe maintenance solutions on site is high, while the numbers of all encompassing options available remains low. 

The mining industry typically uses three main aluminate solutions to achieve desired results. Binders, for fast-setting mortar and concrete with exceptional durability in an aggressive environment. Pre-formulated mortar and concrete, to obtain specific properties, and reagents in a very wide range of products formulated by mining chemists. 

Imerys provides purpose-designed solutions for mine operators that minimize maintenance costs, reduce construction time frames, and help to reduce operational shutdowns associated with infrastructure work. Our solutions not only take into account the rapidity with which solutions need to be applied, but also their durability in extreme environments, so that you won’t need to come back any time soon. 

Whether the intended mining operations focus on coal, base metals, precious metals or even rare earth elements and beyond, our products and solutions for mining applications cover the entire mining value chain, from the raw material suppliers and toll mixers to the eventual construction, installation, maintenance and the mining operations themselves. 

Our range is broad and tailored according to site requirements and demand. When it comes to mining, whether it be roof support, dam repairs or silo linings and protection, or transport line or primary crushing repairs, we recommend our Ciment Fondu®, Fonducrete®, Fondag®, Mineral Sponge and  Imercoal® brands.  

For pyrometallurgy work, taking into account the peri-refractory linings, or work on froth flotation, thickening, smelting, and electrolysis, that require corrosion resistant linings, we strongly recommended our Fondag, Fonducrete and SewperCoat® brands. For heap leaching work such as dam sealing, our Bentonite is ideal. And finally, for solvent extraction, electrowinning and hydrometallurgy applications, as well as final product uses, which need resistance against corrosion, heat, impact and abrasion, Fondag and Fonducrete will more than do the job right.