Peramin® CONPAC

Peramin CONPAC is a range of PolyCarboxylate Ether (PCE) polymers designed for the most demanding Building Chemistry applications that offer performance in high-range self-leveling flooring compounds.
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Peramin CONPAC - PCE polymers for building chemistry applications

Peramin CONPAC is a range of PCE polymers designed for the most demanding building chemistry applications. They offer remarkable performance in high-range self-leveling flooring compounds, even at very low dosages.

Peramin® CONPAC
Peramin® CONPAC

As a superplasticizer, it enables users to achieve high flow properties and reduce water content in self-leveling compounds and screed technology. Superplasticizers are high-range water reducing additives used when the dispersion of particles in suspension is required to modify mortars and concrete. They allow for a large reduction of the water content without affecting their workability, shorter setting time, lower shrinkage and higher mechanical strengths. They can also enable greater flowability with the same water content, meaning a decrease in viscosity, which results in excellent flow properties, as well as very good self-leveling properties. Typically, the dosage normally lies in the range of 0.1%-0.8% of the dry mortar total weight, depending on the kind of superplasticizer and performance required.

During its initial stage of use, Peramin CONPAC provides a long working time, flowability and water reduction. During setting, it provides consistency, robustness and regularity of color. And, once installed, it guarantees high mechanical strength. 

There are four main products in the Peramin CONPAC range: 

Peramin® CONPAC 149S, which is a powdered PCE superplasticizer that provides an efficient flow and boosts mechanical properties in all fluid applications, especially in ternary portland-rich formulations. 

Peramin® CONPAC 300 is a powdered superplasticizer, designed to power the most robust and affordable performance for all types of formulations, especially in ternary calcium aluminates rich formulations. 

Peramin® CONPAC 500 is a powdered superplasticizer, specially designed to bring rapid and excellent fluidity even at low dosages for all types of formulations, especially in ternary calcium aluminates specialty binder rich formulations. 

Peramin® CONPAC 700 is a powdered superplasticizer providing rapid and excellent fluidity, even at low dosages (0.1%). In addition to these features, it is specially designed to offer efficient dispersion and very fast wetting for pump applications like pump-trucks, ready-mix trucks or mobile silos.

Main application of Peramin® CONPAC
Main application of Peramin® CONPAC

After the incorporation of Peramin CONPAC superplasticizers, the flow properties of mortars are enhanced. Peramin CONPAC range can also be used in combination or association with Peramin® SMF, AXL, DEFOAM and SRA additives.

Key benefits

Long working time
Water reduction
Consistency during setting
Regularity of color
High mechanical strength
 Peramin® CONPAC 149SPeramin® CONPAC 300Peramin® CONPAC 500Peramin® CONPAC 700
AppearanceOff-white powderWhite to grayish powderYellowish to greyish powderYellowish to greyish powder
Dry content %> 98> 95> 95> 95
pH (5% solution)5-65-75.5 -7.55.5 -7.5
Granulometry (%> 500μm)< 0.2< 0.5< 0.5< 0.5
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