Peramin® AXL

Discover our Peramin AXL range of accelerators designed to increase the drying speed of formulations containing both calcium aluminate specialty binders and calcium sulfate binders.
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Peramin AXL - accelerators for mortars and specialty binders

Peramin AXL range of accelerators increase the speed of drying, particularly for formulations containing both calcium aluminate specialty binder and calcium sulfate binders wherein the drying results from the formation of ettringite. 

Peramin® AXL
Peramin® AXL

Accelerators are additives that can act in one of two ways, and sometimes both at the same time, they reduce the setting time of mortar or concrete and/or increase the rate of strength development. 

Generally speaking, Peramin AXL accelerators are used in fast setting mortars, floor applications and special mortars, in order to reduce construction time. They are also mixed with mortars or concrete that can have longer setting times due to being retarded by another additive, such as cellulose ether, or are placed in cold conditions, in order to avoid freezing before the setting.

There is one main product in Peramin AXL range, Peramin® AXL80. It is specially designed for calcium aluminate specialty binders. Based on lithium sulfate monohydrate it is an excellent alternative to lithium carbonate. It brings faster development of mechanical properties for the same dosage. It confers a better surface aspect, probably due to its higher water solubility.

Main application of Peramin® AXL
Main application of Peramin® AXL

Key benefits

Acceleration during setting
Robustness during setting
High mechanical strength
Smooth surface aspect
 Peramin® AXL80
AppearanceWhite powder
Lithium sulfate monohydrate %> 97
Water content %13.0 - 14.5
Granulometry (% < 125 µm)> 87
Granulometry (% > 200 µm)< 1
pH (1% suspension) 
Particule size (d50µm) 

Peramin® AXL 80 can also be used in combination or association with Peramin SMF, CONPAC, DEFOAM and SRA additives.

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