Skin care

ImerCare® offers a full range of 100% natural mineral solutions for scrubs, creams and face masks.
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Enhanced physical and optical properties for skin care products 

ImerCare is our full range of 100% natural mineral solutions for body and facial scrubs, cleansers, alphabet creams, face and body creams, face masks and sun creams.

Our ImerCare P-Scrub perlite-based portfolio was developed using patented engineered technology that combines the natural hardness and absorption power of volcanic rock with the softness of spherical particles to provide a gentle, physical exfoliation effect. It’s an ideal natural alternative to oil-derived beads used in body and face scrubs and cleansers.

We recommend:

  • ImerCare® 120P-Scrub, ImerCare® 190P-Scrub and ImerCare® 270P-Scrub for face scrubs and cleansers
  • New ImerCare® 700P-Scrub designed to provide the best compromise between scrub intensity and sensorial properties in body scrubs.

Our ImerCare® P-Scrub range can also be used in conjunction with the ImerScrub range of coloured perlites, which provide a refined, aesthetic effect in scrub products. 

In addition, our Imercare® Opaque kaolin can be utilized for extra fine exfoliation needs in clay masks. Due to its engineered structure and hardness, Imercare Opaque is appropriate for sensitive areas where over-exfoliation can be an issue.   

ImerCare® Kaolin and diatomaceous earth ranges confer, excellent sebum and absorption properties in moisturizers, day creams, BB creams, CC creams, anti-acne creams and creams for oily skins. 

Kaopolite Kaolin KR USP is a kaolin grade that is certified to the USP monograph and is produced under c-GMP standards. This can be used for skincare products that need the extra quality controls for products that fall under FDA regulation. 

We recommend:

  • ImerCare® Matte for an enhanced, natural matte effect in matte day creams
  • ImerCare® 18D for oily skin and anti-acne creams and face mask
  • ImerCare® 04K for rheology control and sebum & impurities absorption in face mask and day creams
  • Kaolin KR USP for sebum & impurities absorption in medicated face creams and masks, sunscreens, poison ivy treatments and acne products

Try ImerCare® 4T talc* if you’re looking for a creamy, smooth feel for your face creams. It’s ideal for creating a soft, pampering sensation with a pleasant, powdery texture. 

In face masks, ImerCare engineered kaolin and diatomite products are excellent natural solutions when you require superior sebum and impurities absorption. 

We recommend:

Actives delivery in dry product form

The Micro-Cel® range of calcium silicate and their hyper microporous structure makes them ideal to deliver liquid actives in dry form at neutral to alkaline pHs. They can also be utilized in liquid formulations where surfactant usage needs to be minimized to deliver an incompatible active.  

All Imerys cosmetic products are natural, high quality, chemically inert and offer good skin tolerance. They are not treated with chemicals during processing and can be used in cosmetic products that comply with cosmetic directive regulation (EC) n° 1223/2009.

All ImerCare mineral grades for skin care applications are Cosmos approved**. Certificates of origin and additional documentation are available upon request.

* Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range. 

** Excepting ImerCare 02K-S