An effective range of ultra-high absorbency solutions for oil and liquid chemical spills and acid buffering.

Versatile ways to combat oil, acid/alkali and chemical spills

We supply a full range of absorbents for cleaning the environment in the event of oil and fuel spillages, or acid/alakali and chemical leaks. Our spill control product ranges include mineral granulates, polypropylene-based products and cleaning agents.

Terraperl® S Nova grades are type III R absorbents for oil and liquid chemical spills and acid buffering. Terraperl S Nova grades are based on tobermorite, a chemical compound with high absorbency, due to its fine pore structure. Our Terraperl S Nova grades are designed for universal use, on road surfaces, industry, workshops, filling stations and many other applications.

All our environmental absorbents are carefully selected and manufactured according to our stringent quality requirements. They comply with all applicable regulations and are tested and approved by a number of recognized European testing institutions.

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