Industrial filtration solutions

We provide natural, mineral-based filtration solutions for major players in the chemicals, metals, mining as well as other industrial companies across the world.
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An ever-expanding expertise in filter aid systems

Our filtration solutions are recognized worldwide for their industrial applications. As the filtration industry expands, so do our capabilities. Our specialists can support you, whatever your application – whether you need to troubleshoot an issue you’re having with your system or choose the filter aid most suitable for your needs.

Over the years, we’ve developed filtration solutions for nearly every liquid product. Our customers include the majority of global chemical and industrial companies using vacuum and pressure filtration systems for solid liquid separation.

Our products are used in a wide variety of industrial filtration applications, including rolling oil and metal working fluids, brine completion fluids for oil drilling, lithium brine extraction, general wastewater treatment, animal farm wastewater treatment and water filtration.

Contact our knowledgeable teams to talk about our industrial filtration and purification solutions, and how our natural mineral solutions can elevate your processes to the next level.