Oilfield solutions

We offer a range of minerals for upstream oilfield applications such as drilling fluids, oil well cementing and completion phases.
Oilfield solution

Mineral additives for the oil & gas sector

We have a long history of supplying materials to the oil & gas sector. Our products are used mainly upstream, specifically in drilling fluids, oil well cementing and completion phases.

Drilling fluids are designed to control downhole pressure and support the wellbore; to remove cuttings from the bit and to effectively carry them to the surface; to cool and lubricate the bit and drill string.

Our calcium carbonate is produced from high-purity marble deposits with high acid solubility. It is used as a bridging agent for fluid loss applications and as a weighting agent. We offer a wide range of particle size distributions ranging from 2 microns to 2,400 microns.

We also supply diatomaceous earth (DE) as a lost circulation material. DE is typically blended with other minerals and fibers to create a “squeeze” treatment. DE is highly permeable, which means it rapidly forms a plug and creates a seal in the loss zone.

Imerys mica is produced from a high-purity phlogopite deposit. It is also used as lost circulation material, and we offer fine, medium and coarse grades.

Oil well cementing is the process of mixing and placing a cement slurry in the annular space between a string of casing and the open hole. The cement sets, bonding the casing to the wall of the wellbore for additional stability.

Our ground perlite range makes an effective additive for enhanced concrete strength. Perlite is high in amorphous silica and, in addition to its super pozzolanic properties, perlite is lightweight.

We also offer a diatomaceous earth extender additive for concrete. Extender additives are useful in loss circulation applications but unlike other cement extenders, diatomaceous earth will result in increased compressive strength.

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