Spill absorbents

We have a range of absorbent mineral solutions to help mitigate damage in the unfortunate event of a chemical, oil or acid/alkali spill.
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We offer a full range of absorbents for cleaning the environment in the event of oil and fuel spillages, acid/alkali and chemical leakages. Our spill control product ranges include mineral granulates, polypropylene-based products and liquid cleaning agents.

Our Absodan® grade is a type III R absorbent derived from calcined moler which remains hard even at full absorption capacity. Absodan is the preferred oil- and chemical spill absorbent used by fire fighters and road maintenance teams as it’s suitable for absorbing almost every liquid after an accident.

Our Absodan grade is fast-acting, safe to use and can absorb all forms of spills on solid surfaces. It’s chemically inert and does not react with the absorbed fluid (with the exception of hydrofluoric acid). Absodan can be used for all types of spills, including oil slicks, acids, alkalis, aqueous and organic solvents. It’s non-flammable and when using large amounts of Absodan, the granulate is fire retardant. 

Easy to spread and sweep up, use our Absodan grade preventively or intensively following a spill. 

Ekoperl® absorbents are type I / II / III R buoyant oil absorbents made from expanded perlite that has been surface-treated to achieve hydrophobic and oleophilic (oil-attracting) properties. It’s suitable for water spills (fresh water, coastal waters, ports); road spills (highway, airports, open country); and oil contamination in communal areas, industrial plants and degreasers. 

Our Sorbix® grades are a full range of multi-purpose binding agents and specialized cleaners, including cloths made from 100% microfiber polypropylene.

Sorbix cloths are suitable for absorbing all industrial liquids including hydrocarbons and their organic compound derivatives, and shear oils. The cloths are perforated for easier and more economical use.

Terraperl S Nova grades are type III R absorbents for oil and liquid chemical spills and acid buffering. Terraperl S Nova grades are derived from tobermorite, a high absorbent with a fine pore structure. Our grades are designed for universal use: road surfaces, industry, workshops, filling stations, etc.

All our environmental absorbents are carefully selected and manufactured according to our stringent quality requirements. They comply with all applicable regulations and are tested and approved by a number of recognized European testing institutions.