In the unfortunate event of a spill or leak, our Sorbix range is an effective way to clean up industrial liquids, safely and economically.
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Our Sorbix range specialized cleaners for industrial spills 

We supply a full range of absorbents for cleaning the environment in the event of oil and fuel spillages, or acid/alkali and chemical leaks. Our spill control product ranges include mineral granulates, polypropylene-based products and liquid cleaning agents.

Our Sorbix range is a full range of multi-purpose binding agents and specialized cleaners, including cloths made from 100% microfiber polypropylene, that’s designed to help fight spills of industrial liquids.

Our Sorbix range cloths are suitable for absorbing all industrial liquids including hydrocarbons and their organic compound derivatives, and shear oils. The cloths are perforated for easier and more economical use. 

All our environmental absorbents are carefully selected and manufactured according to our stringent quality requirements. They comply with all applicable regulations and are tested and approved by a number of recognized European testing institutions.

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Imerys is a member of GÖC, the European Association of Manufacturers of Tested Oil & Chemical Binding Agents

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