Our range of oil-absorbing perlite can be deployed to combat oil spills in fresh or saltwater, on roads or in industrial facilities.

Powerful absorbers for fighting oil spills

We supply a full range of absorbents for cleaning the environment in the event of oil and fuel spillages, or acid/alkali and chemical leaks. Our spill control product ranges include mineral granulates, polypropylene-based products and cleaning agents.

Ekoperl absorbents are type I/II/III R buoyant oil absorbents made from expanded perlite that’s been surface-treated to achieve hydrophobic and oleophilic, oil-attracting properties.  

Ekoperl absorbents are available in different grades, suitable for water spills (fresh water, coastal waters, ports); road spills (highway, airports, open country); or oil contamination in communal areas, industrial plants and degreasers.

All our environmental absorbents are carefully selected and manufactured according to our stringent quality requirements. They comply with all applicable regulations and are tested and approved by a number of recognized European testing institutions.

Ekoperl grades are suitable for:

  • Water spills (fresh water, coastal waters, ports)
  • Road spills (highway, airports, open country)
  • Oil contamination in communal areas, industrial plants, degreasers, etc.
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