Rheology, settling & applicability

Obtain the precise rheology, viscosity and settling attributes in your paints, with talcs, kaolins and precipitated calcium carbonates.

Precise properties at reduced costs            

Controlling rheology can be highly technical and expensive. But minerals such as talcs*, kaolins and precipitated calcium carbonates can replace higher-priced thixotropes such as synthetic silicas, while increasing low-shear viscosity and improving in-can rheology. 

Where available, talcs are naturally oleophilic, meaning they naturally associate with typical coating resins such as alkyds, emulsions, epoxies, amines and polyols. This results in increased low-shear viscosity and shear-thinning coating rheology that is ideal for spray paints, for example. Talcs can also reduce sagging and in-can settling.

For gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matt VOC-compliant alkyd paints, try Jetfine® 1 talc, which also works as a pigment extender, optimizes application properties and improves outdoor durability.

Kaolin also confers unique rheological properties to paint. Our Supreme kaolin grade has a low shear thickening effect, enabling formulators to reduce thickener. It can also be used to improve settling properties and sag resistance. It is particularly suited to high-quality matt paint formulations and in high-gel-strength paints.

As well as kaolin, our muscovite mica with their lamellar morphologies is an excellent choice to improve pigment dispersion and in-can settle problems in paints and coatings.

Our mineral additives adjust the viscosity and improve the wetting of pigments to minimize foaming, helping to protect the paint from biocidal attack.

For pigment suspension Imerys lamellar paint and coating products improve the pigment suspension, reduce the pigment flocculation during storage and improve spatter resistance performance such as our Hydrite® range, Kaopaque® 10S and our mica muscovite mica range, as well as our Suzorite range of products.

Finally, there is precipitated calcium carbonate. Its unique morphology makes it ideal if you want to reduce rheological additives while achieving your desired viscosity. Try our Socal® UP-G range, which also acts as an effective replacement for titanium dioxide and increases dry opacity at low gloss. 

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.