Discover how our selection of mineral solutions makes extremely valuable insulators and fire-proofers in buildings.
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Insulation covered in all its forms

Insulation is a big word. It comes in as many forms as it has functions, needing to provide sound-proofing, non-flammability and fire-proofing, as well as durability, inertness, ease-of-use and re-usability, to name but a few. Our range and selections minerals provide ideal solutions, including expanded perlite, talc, calcium carbonate and kaolin based products each provide manufacturers with precise control over the functions and functionalities of their insulation end product.    

Expanded perlite makes an excellent filler insulator because it contains countless air alveolus, making them extremely valuable lightweight insulators and fire-proofers in buildings, especially when used as loose-fill insulation in roofs, floors and cavity walls. It does not degrade or alter unlike most chemical agents. It is inert and non toxic, easy to use, quick, clean, and can be recycled and used over and over again. These redeeming features make expanded perlites ideal for applications such as cavity walls, block fillers, outer fillers and coatings, subfloors and passive fire protection.  Be sure to take a look at our Perliv® range for all your insulation applications.

Our micro-lamellar talcs* make superior nucleating agents for polyolefin-based foam composites used to produce lightweight insulators with improved stiffness at lower densities. Their high surface area promotes the nucleation of uniform/narrow gas bubbles during the foaming process, increasing the number of foam cells and making cell distribution and growth more consistent. They provide a significant increase in cell density, fine and regular cell size, improved stiffness at lower densities for optimized lightweight materials. Discover our micro-lamellar talc products for nucleating polyolefins, PS, PVC and polyurethane foams.

Our ground and precipitated calcium carbonates are suitable cost-effective foaming agents for PVC and expanded polystyrene. In a ground form, our calcium carbonates, such as PolCarb™ or ImerCarb™, are very cost-effective foaming agents for PVC. Precipitated calcium carbonates such as our Socal® and Winnofil® grades are excellent foam nucleation additives in expanded polystyrene.

We also produce kaolins for the reinforcement fiberglass, bituminous roofing, geotextiles or external cladding meshes. These are high in alumina and low in iron and alkali, helping to ensure that finished products are resistant to chemical and physical attacks. We recommend our Ewing® and Kaolex® products for these applications.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.