Micro-lamellar talcs

Our micro-lamellar talcs are ideal nucleating agents for producing foam composites with improved stiffness. They have specifically designed with the automotive and packaging industries in mind.
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Add density and stiffness to foams with higher cell density

Our micro-lamellar range of talcs can improve the stiffness of foams at lower densities. This can optimize lightweight materials and lead to other benefits. Their micro-lamellar morphology generates a larger number of cell nuclei, resulting in finer cell structure and higher cell density.

  • Increases cell density significantly
  • Promotes fine and regular cell size
  • Improves stiffness at lower density
  • Optimizes lightweight materials

Using micro-lamellar talcs as nucleating agents in polypropylene results in foams with cell densities twice as high as those obtained with regular lamellar talc.

Micro-lamellar talc action in PP

At this loading, using the injection-molding MuCell foaming process, a weight reduction of 10% can be achieved with the same specific elastic storage modulus as an unfilled solid polypropylene. 

Micro-lamellar talc can also be used in polystyrene to achieve microcellular foams and has proven effective in polyolefins and polystyrene compounds. 

Microlamellar talc action in PS

Tell us which polymers you’re working with, and we’ll tell you how microlamellar talcs or other product ranges can help improve your products. 

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.

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