Polarite™ for polyamides

A range of additives for polyamides that delivers superior impact strength and modulus.
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Stronger for longer

Our Polarite range is an additive for polyamides used to enhance dimensional stability, rigidity and impact strength while reducing warpage and shrinkage of the moulding.

POLARITE™ for superior impact strength and modulus in polyamides
Polarite™ аor superior impact strength and modulus in polyamides

Compared to other common platy mineral fillers used to improve flexural and tensile modulus, our Polarite range provides significantly better impact strength in polyamides, with improving notched Charpy impact strength compared to unfilled polyamide. 

Polarite is a treated kaolin. Optimized for a variety of purposes, it’s available as an amino-silane surface-treated calcined kaolin – providing excellent impact strength performance and increased tensile and flexural modulus. We also formulate a platy hydrous kaolin that has been surface-treated with an amino-silane coupling agent to provide the greatest tensile and flexural modulus of the Polarite range.

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Improved tensile strength and flexural modulus
Polarite chart
Significantly better impact strength
Polarite chart
Surface-treated hydrous kaolin

If you’re working with polyamides, speak to us about which Polarite formulation could deliver the best results for you. 

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