Imerys HAR (High Aspect Ratio) talcs are produced using a delaminating process developed by Imerys. HAR talcs are far more lamellar than other conventional micronized grades. In polymers, they provide improved mechanical properties (high stiffness and HDT, better dimensional stability) without impairing the ductility of moulded parts.
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Greener and tougher plastics

High aspect ratio talcs* can impart a range of benefits to plastics, from added toughness to flame retardancy. Our HAR range provides superior stiffness and excellent dimensional stability to polypropylene and engineering thermoplastics. This is ideal for applications where weight is crucial, such as the automotive industry, packaging and electronic goods. 

HAR talcs are produced using our patented delaminating process, which results in significantly higher aspect ratios than conventionally micronized talcs. Used in automotive engineering, they allow manufacturers to make thinner parts that help make cars lighter, improving fuel economy and decreasing emissions.

Micronized talc & high aspect ratio talc
Micronized talc & High Aspect Ratio talc

They’re ideal for car bumpers, rockers and fenders; high impact resistant interior parts like dashboards, door pillars and interior trim; for food packaging applications where barrier properties are crucial; and for household appliances and electronics

HAR talcs are also an excellent solution for flame retardant formulations due to the effect of their high aspect ratio on char and barrier properties. This results in a reduced rate of heat and mass transfer, and therefore better flame retardancy.

In summary, HAR talcs also provide excellent performance in automotive parts in terms of:

  • Dimensional stability, leading to lower mold shrinkage and Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE), which is ideal for zero-gap designs
  • Increased flexural modulus (about 20% higher than micronized fine talcs) 
  • Improved heat distortion temperature (HDT)

HAR talcs are particularly recommended for automotive parts such as: 

  • Exterior parts: bumpers, rockers and fenders
  • High impact resistant interior parts: dashboards, door pillars and interior trim

*Talc products are not available in the US and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.

HAR: an Imerys Pioneer product

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Using HAR talc in plastic automotive parts helps manufacturers produce tougher, lighter car parts. Since lighter cars use less fuel and produce fewer emissions, HAR plays a role in meeting major regulatory trends driving CO2 emission reductions through lightweighting. As such, it is listed among our certified Pioneer products, meaning it represents the highest social and environmental contribution to the downstream value chain, while also demonstrating a low environmental impact in its production phase, compared to its economic value. Pioneer is our highest rating denoting products and services with outstanding sustainability performance compared to the reference on the market.

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