Electrical & electronics

Our minerals can enhance the mechanical and flame retardant properties of plastic electrical and electronic components.
Electrical & electronics

High-performance plastics for electronics

Engineering thermoplastics and their blends are increasingly replacing metals and thermosets in the automotive and electrical industries for high-end applications. 

Whether you need multi-functional fillers or process enablers, we have natural products that improve stiffness, dimensional stability, flame retardancy and surface appearance.

For reinforcement fillers for housings in computers, TVs and electronic devices our talcs* and wollastonites improve dimensional stability; reduce thermal expansion, shrinkage, warpage and anisotropy; increase stiffness, allowing downgauging and weight reduction of thermoplastic parts; and offer enhanced scratch and mar resistance. 

They are also an excellent alternative or extender to glass-fiber fillers, which could mean lower environmental impacts and decreased costs. Our talcs are also ideal nucleating agents, increasing crystallization temperature and boosting injection molding machine output. 

When used in combination with magnesium hydroxide, our talcs and wollastonites improve flame retardancy in polypropylene compounds and can reduce overall formulation costs. Benefits include reduced dripping in intumescent systems, improved thermal stability, better char formation, improved ash cohesion, less smoke and less afterglow. 

Our Ensaco® carbon blacks are a special family of electrically conductive carbon blacks, produced through a proprietary method, that delivers extremely pure products with many advantages over conventional alternatives. Ensaco conductive carbon blacks are the solution of choice for conductive and antistatic plastics compounds.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.