Try ground calcium carbonates to enhance the breathability of your plastics for hygiene applications or use in roofing films.

Breathe easy with calcium carbonates

Breathable films are cost-effective, polymer-based plastics that provide moisture control in a wide range of applications including nappies, feminine hygiene and incontinence products where breathability is essential for user comfort. Breathable films are also widely used as roofing membranes.

Ground calcium carbonate is added to these films as a functional additive to improve their breathability. They work by helping to create uniform cavities or pores in the films. This not only increases breathability in the plastic film, it also enhances the strength of the final product. 

Ground calcium carbonate promotes cavitation in breathable films
Ground calcium carbonate promotes cavitation in breathable films

Our FilmLink® product range is a highly engineered treated ground calcium carbonate that acts as a dispersing and thixotropic agent in breathable polyolefins, improving pore creation as well as the mechanical, rheological, optical and dispersion properties of the polymer.

It comes in two formulations, FilmLink 400, designed for high moisture vapor transmission rates, and FilmLink 520, which offers excellent dispersion in the polymer. Talk to our teams about which natural calcium carbonate range is right for your business.