Kaopolite® 1149 USP

Our Kaopolite 1149 range is a natural additive made from kaolin that delivers superior whitening and gentle polishing in toothpastes, with low dentin and enamel abrasion.

A kaolin-based solution for whiteness with low abrasion

Kaopolite 1149 kaolin is our whitening and polishing agent for toothpaste. Toothpaste containing Kaopolite 1149 kaolin cleans the surface of the teeth without scratching, minimizing damage to enamel, dentin, root surfaces and gum tissue. This unique mineral-based product allows flexibility in formulating and the ability to design to your exact performance targets.

Kaopolite 1149 kaolin is highly engineered with a higher hardness than traditional kaolins and high edge content. With a lower Mohs hardness than enamel, it can deliver very effective cleaning without damaging the surface of teeth.

This makes it a great option for a full replacement of hydrous silica, to significantly reduce the long-term damage potential to enamel that can result from toothpaste usage. It is also an ideal option in oral care for children’s and sensitive toothpaste where you still want excellent cleaning but with a softer abrasive technology.

ImerCare® KaoBright
ImerCare® KaoBright

Clinical tests of Kaopolite 1149 kaolin have been conducted by the Oral Health Research Institute of Indiana University, in the USA, and have demonstrated its superior performance. The full test is available upon request.

All our cosmetic products are natural, high quality, chemically inert and offer good skin tolerance. They are not treated with chemicals during processing. These attributes enable them to be used in cosmetic products that comply with cosmetic directive regulation (EC) n° 1223/2009.

Kaopolite 1149 kaolin also meets USP standards and is manufactured under cGMP. Certificates of origin and additional documentation are available upon request.

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