Skin feel

ImerCare® T talcs add a soft, smooth feel to a wide array of cosmetics.

Soft skin feel for a luxurious effect

ImerCare talc* grades are your ideal, natural solution for achieving softness in creams, body powders and baby powders. Talc is the softest of all minerals and our talcs are engineered to provide the perfect skin feel for your cosmetics. 

ImerCare® Dolce talc is ideal for achieving an unctuous, velvety feel in pressed face powders and eye shadows. ImerCare® 4T talc confers a creamy, smooth feel to face creams. It is ideal for creating a soft, pampering sensation and pleasant powdery texture. 

ImerCare® 11T talc forms an excellent base for body and baby powders. Applied after bathing, it prevents chafing and gives a soft, soothing, cool sensation to the skin. 

ImerCare® 2K is an alternative material to talc and starch for enhanced sensorial properties in baby powders. 

All our cosmetic products are natural, high-quality, chemically inert and offer good skin tolerance, and they are not treated with chemicals during processing. These attributes enable them to be used in cosmetic products that comply with cosmetic directive regulation (EC) n° 1223/2009.

All ImerCare T talc grades are also Cosmos approved – certificates of origin and additional documentation are available upon request.

* Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.