Weather & UV resistance

Our minerals can protect water- and solvent-borne binders from UV radiation, enhancing weather resistance in outdoor paints and primers.

A performance for all seasons            

Four minerals are ideal for protecting paints and coatings against UV radiation and weathering. Due to their naturally occurring structures and particle shapes, they offer a range of benefits when added to your formulation. 

Wollastonite has a needle-like structure that reinforces coating films, providing durability, superior waterproofing and color retention. Our Nyad® wollastonite range is designed for decorative paints and industrial, protective and marine coatings.

Kaolin and calcium carbonate are commonly used minerals for weatherproofing, but our Opacilite range of calcined kaolin assists in leaving paints and coatings tough enough to stand up to prolonged UV radiation and extreme weather conditions. 

Perlite, in particular ClearLite® 6, is an expanded milled perlite product designed to improve the exterior durability and it’s lamellar shape and lower oil absorption improve the stain, scratch and mar resistance performance in clear wood and industrial coatings.

Finally there’s leucophyllite, a natural coalescence of chlorite, mica and quartz. Product ranges made from leucophyllite such as Eco-Phyl® and Plastorit® have a lamellar particle shape that improves the mechanical properties, weather and color resistance of paints and coatings.

Whatever your paints need to weather the storm, let our minerals give them that extra durability and strength.