A cost-effective replacement for traditional matting agents and binders in matt wood finishes.
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High transparency and matt clear coat    

ClearLite perlite is a lamellar engineered perlite specially designed for highly transparent satin to matt water-based clear coats and wood finishes. It has a unique structure that combines transparency and high loading rates so it can replace both your traditional matting agent and a partial level of the binder, delivering a simple way to reduce costs of your raw materials. 

Adding ClearLite perlite to your formulation means you can use a smaller amount of clear coat to cover the same surface area at the same gloss level and dry film thickness. It also improves knot blocking, wood warming and smoothness with low dust and increased stain resistance.

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ClearLite® is lamellar engineered perlite

Key benefits

Knot blocking
Wood warming
Low dust
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