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A cornerstone of French industry, Imerys operates 32 industrial sites in France.

These sites produce minerals of strategic national interest such as diatomaceous earthkaolin and andalusite. The Luzenac site, with its Trimouns quarry, specializing in the extraction and processing of talc, is the largest in Europe. Furthermore, 70% of the minerals produced in France are exported to over 100 countries.

The minerals extracted and processed by our group address the needs of companies seeking safer, more natural alternatives. For example, perlite, a mineral with exfoliating properties, effectively replace polyethylene microbeads in scrubs, thus helping to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans. Natural calcium carbonate, for example, helps to meet the growing demand for medical gloves, which is so essential in times of health crises, at a lower cost.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.

industrial sites
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in France
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Imerys and the environment, a strong commitment

Our Group has traditionally been involved in sustainable development. This ethical and societal commitment is reflected in tangible actions (reductions in CO2 emissions, working with and for local populations, preservation of ecosystems, quarry rehabilitation) and large-scale partnerships such as the one signed with the Natural History Museum in 2018. Already a partner of act4nature, a French coalition of companies, public players, scientists and environmental associations committed to the protection, enhancement and restoration of biodiversity, Imerys also took part in the launch of act4nature International.

In addition to these necessary alliances with major players in research and ecosystem preservation, our teams' technical expertise and innovative spirit enable Imerys to extract and transform minerals in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our sites in France

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Our latest news

Milos - Pioneer Solutions
Corporate news

Imerys launches a transparent and understandable approach to sustainable minerals

Where do our mineral raw materials come from? How have they been produced and processed? What impact does their production have on the environment and society? Which sustainable benefits do they bring to the downstream value chain? The newly launched Imerys SustainAgility™ Solutions Assessment framework provides a transparent, straightforward approach to mineral sustainability.

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Imerys signs partnership with Beijing University of Chemical Technology – Paris Curie Engineer School in China (Chimie Pékin)
Business news

Strengthening relations and creating talent pools: Imerys signs partnership with the BUCT Beijing university

As Imerys grows in China and Asia, so too does its presence and reputation as a leading employer in the region. The recently signed academic-industrial partnership with Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) – Paris Curie Engineer School opens the doors to international careers for young talent with valuable local insight and skills.

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Lake in Murat
Corporate news

Rehabilitation of a site in Cantal: a strong comeback of biodiversity

After decades of operation the Foufouilloux Nord site has been in the hands of nature and its biodiversity since 2014.

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Jean François Claver
Corporate news

Jean-François Claver appointed President of IMA-Europe

The Industrial Minerals Association’s (IMA) European arm has announced the appointment of our Group Chief Industrial Officer, Jean-François Claver, as its new President.

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The group's integrated report

The Imerys Group integrated report 2021

As part of the universal registration document Imerys presents its integrated report, better presenting how it creates long-term value for the benefit of its stakeholders.

The Imerys Group integrated report 2021