Superfine UF

Ultrafine calcium carbonate for achieving improved gloss spacing in paints and coatings

Optimize your coatings with Superfine UF

Superfine UF is a ultrafine ground calcium carbonate that offers exceptional results for gloss space coatings due to its ultra-fine, narrow particle distribution. This product extends TiO2 while maintaining properties such as gloss and tint strength. It is suitable for various applications, including: 

  • paint PVC lines (15 to 45)
  • pigmented wood and trim coatings
  • interior waterborne wood coatings
  • light industrial solvent-borne coatings
  • architectural powder coatings

The ideal extender for a wide range of coatings

Superfine UF's narrow particle size distribution provides exceptional smoothness and uniformity in every application, improved dispersion, enhanced coverage, and higher tint strength. It allows for an extension of TiO2 by 5 to 10% without compromising the tint strength. Additionally, Superfine UF maintains gloss and sheen performance, preserving the luxurious finish of coatings.

Superfine UF is a top-tier product that delivers superior results thanks to its: 

  • narrow particle size distribution 
  • improved dispersion
  • enhanced coverage
  • and higher tint strength

It is ideal for industries that require high-quality pigments for their products, such as automotive coatings, architectural paints, and industrial coatings. With its exceptional properties and coverage, Superfine UF is the perfect choice for those seeking to elevate the quality of their coatings.

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