Introducing a new solution for water & odor in architectural & industrial coatings.

Anti-condensation coatings: Protecting against mold growth, blisters & peeling

Imersorb is a range of amorphous silica with adsorption and absorption properties that can be used in anti-condensation for architectural coatings. These coatings prevent mold growth, blistering, and peeling due to condensation, making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Imersorb additives are highly effective in absorbing up to 60% more condensation than coatings without functional additives.

How does it work?

The absorption mechanism is relatively simple; as moisture accumulates on the surface of the substrate, the resulting pressure differential forces the moisture to permeate through the paint film and amorphous silica particles. Imersorb improves the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) and significantly extends the coating's life by reducing or eliminating blistering and potential peeling defects. It helps to get dry-to-touch coatings in high-humidity areas or walls prone to condensation.

Odor adsorption coatings

Imersorb is also effective in odor adsorption coatings, which are particularly useful in poorly ventilated spaces like classrooms, restrooms, lobbies, and elevators. These coatings incorporate functional additives like activated carbon, sodium bicarbonate, zeolites, zinc oxide, and photocatalytic TiO2 to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Imersorb can absorb 60% more condensation compared to coatings without functional additives. It has a high capacity and is available in a range of particle sizes and chemistries, depending on the target application. Imersorb improves the water vapor transmission rate, reducing or eliminating blistering and peeling defects and extending the coating's lifespan. It also provides rapid removal of unwanted odors and long-lasting odor performance by 3x more compared to commercial coating. 

Imersorb 400 Benefits:

  • Maximize anti-condensation properties 
  • Prevent mold formation - Extend coating life 
  • Rapid removal of unwanted odors 
  • Long-lasting odor performance

Photocatalytic TiO2 in architectural coatings

Imersorb additives like photocatalytic TiO2 are also effective in architectural coatings. TiO2 is a widely-used photocatalyst that can decompose organic pollutants on the surface of the coating, making it useful for air purification. By incorporating photocatalytic TiO2 in architectural coatings, you can create self-cleaning surfaces that can break down pollutants, reduce maintenance costs, and improve air quality.

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