SteaShield® 10

Exceptional barrier properties in stain-blocking paints and corrosion resistant coatings.

Exceptional barrier properties with SteaShield 10

Ultra-lamellar SteaShield 10 talc confers exceptional barrier properties to stain-blocking paints and corrosion resistant coatings, including coil and epoxy coatings while adding a range of other functional benefits.

Made from highly lamellar talcs*, SteaShield 10 talc has a specific particle shape and distribution that creates a physical barrier to protect the paint substrate from stain migration but also by impairing the diffusion of water through the film and enhancing corrosion resistance

In corrosion-resistant coatings, SteaShield 10 provides excellent barrier properties with high salt-spray resistance. Easy to formulate, SteaShield 10 talc also minimizes settling and can be used in coil and epoxy coatings.

For stain-blocking finishing paints, SteaShield 10 talc improves barrier protection over time, significantly limiting stain migration. It functions well with solvent and water-based systems, enhancing anti-cracking, adhesion and UV protection in paints. 

Steashield 10 talc is a naturally occurring, chemically inert mineral that is ground to achieve a specific particle distribution size. No additives are used in our processes, so Steashield 10 talc is exempt from EU REACH registration and compliant with EU ecolabel criteria.

Corrosion resistant coatings

In corrosion resistant coatings, SteaShield 10: 

  • Provides excellent barrier properties and corrosion resistance 
  • Demonstrates excellent salt-spray resistance 
  • Minimizes settling
  • Is easy to formulate

SteaShield 10 is ideal for coil and epoxy coatings.

Stain blocking paints

In stain-blocking finishing paints, SteaShield 10: 

  • Improves barrier protection over time, significantly limiting stain migration
  • Is easy to formulate
  • Functions with solvent and water-based systems
  • Enhances anti-cracking, adhesion and UV protection in paints
  • Is a cost-effective solution

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.

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