A platy, very fine ground talc for high-demand applications, such as autoparts.

Fine-ground, cost-effective, talcs for better performance

Autoparts-makers are constantly looking for cost-effective solutions for improving the quality of their parts. Adding talc* to your formulations can provide a good balance between impact resistance and stiffness in polypropylene parts. But take care – not all talc formulations are created equal. 

Our Steamic grades are platy, finely ground talcs. 

These 10µm top-cut grades provide:

  • Good stiffness
  • Good High Aspect Ratio (HDT) and dimensional stability
  • A cost-effective solution for a good balance of impact strength and stiffness

They are also highly cost-effective reinforcing agents in polypropylene automotive exterior and interior parts, as well as bumpers.

Unnotched Charpy impact at -20°C
Unnotched Charpy impact at -20°C

Steamic grades are available in compacted form for maximum extruder throughput, minimum dust and improved dispersion. Talk to our teams today about adding Steamic® to your product mix.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.

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