An ideal natural ingredient to reduce titanium dioxide content in solvent-based products.

 A highly dispersible solution

Using the right mineral additive is key to optimise the use and performance of titanium dioxide in paints and coatings.

Polsperse grades are fine and ultrafine, super-dispersible kaolin produced by a high intensity pulverisation process which facilitates the dispersion in a nonpolar system. Polsperse grades are specifically designed for use in solvent-based paints and primers. The major advantage of Polsperse grades is that they disperses rapidly in these paints to a fine Hegman Gauge value.

Polsperse™ - Fine & Ultrafine super-dispersible kaolin
Polsperse™ - Fine & Ultrafine super-dispersible kaolin

Polsperse grades are platy hydrous kaolin which has been engineered to be highly dispersible in solvent-based paint to give optimal spacing of titanium dioxide particles and give a smooth surface. Using Polsperse in solvent-based paints allows formulators to generate savings of up to 15% TiO2.

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Key benefits

Gloss control
High dispersibility
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