Opacity & TiO2 extension

Our kaolins, talcs and calcium carbonates make excellent, cost-effective extenders to hiding pigments such as titanium dioxide.


Greener and most cost-effective opacity

Titanium dioxide is widely used in the industry to increase the hiding powers or opacity of paint. But its cost and the questions around the environmental impact can be problematic. Opacifying extenders are used to improve the effectiveness of titanium dioxide in several ways, depending on the type of paint, the properties required and the Pigment Volume Concentration (PVC). Increasing the effectiveness of titanium dioxide allows the paint manufacturer to formulate a paint to the required covering power and use less TiO2 – reducing overall costs. 

Extending TiO2 with one of our natural mineral products can help reduce the amount of titanium dioxide by 30% in many paint formulations, or up to 100% in high PVC paints, cutting costs and allowing you to be kinder to the planet. 

Hydrous kaolins, calcium carbonate and talcs* optimize titanium dioxide in a formulation by spacing the TiO2 particles for maximum efficiency across a range of pigment concentrations.

Engineered products such as flash-calcined kaolins and precipitated calcium carbonates provide dry hiding and improved opacity in high PVC matt paints. 

Flash calcined kaolins and talcs are excellent natural alternatives to opaque polymers and synthetic aluminum silicates for achieving opacity in decorative paints

Talk to our paints and coatings specialists about your processes and products and we’ll find the right combination of minerals to deliver the results you and your customers need.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.