Muscovite mica range

For superior stain blocking in finishing paints, try our Muscovite mica range.
Paints and coatings - Muscovite mica

Natural barrier protection

Solvent- and water-based primers need superior stain blocking. Our range of highly lamellar Muscovite micas is designed to improve barrier protection over time, significantly limiting stain migration. 

Cost-effective and easy to formulate, the Muscovite mica range includes Muscovite Mica C4000, WG 325, Suzorite 325-G, Suzorite 500-C and Mica MU. All are highly lamellar and micronized, with high aspect ratios.  Due to this high lamellarity, they provide excellent stain blocking performance in primer applications.

Muscovite mica also enhances adhesion and prevents cracking, improves UV protection in paints and is a cost-effective and easy-to-formulate solution. 

Mica MU is a highly lamellar, micronized muscovite mica grade with a 20µm top cut that improves barrier protection over time – significantly limiting stain migration. It also enhances adhesion and anti-cracking properties and improves UV protection in paints. 

We recommend Mica MU M2/1 additive for solvent- and water-based primer applications requiring superior stain-blocking, or for superior stain blocking in finishing paints, try our SteaShield 10 ultra lamellar talc* grade.

Mica MU products are derived from naturally occurring, chemically inert minerals that are ground to achieve a specific particle distribution size. Our products are exempt from EU REACH registration and compliant with EU ecolabel criteria governing organic paints.

Talk to our teams about which of the Muscovite range will give the best results for you. 

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range. 

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