Kaopolite is our range of natural, non-hazardous cleaning products that are ideal for hard surfaces while being kinder to the environment.
Kaopolite cleaning products

Cleaner, greener hard surfaces with Kaopolite

In response to environmental considerations and to growing customer preference for non-hazardous cleaning products, we created Kaopolite, a natural, specialty-engineered kaolin abrasive. Imerys Kaopolite formulations are created with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. 

Our Kaopolite products provide clean, bright surfaces and are effective in the removal of scum, dirt, grime, oil and hidden debris. They offer a superior, safe and effective cleaning solution and all our Kaopolite kaolins are natural, pure and chemically inert. These attributes enable them to be used in cleaning products that comply with the CleanGredients guidelines*. Kaopolite has received pre-approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to meet the criteria of its Safer Choice Standard.

Kaopolite kaolins have been the “gentle abrasive” of choice for well over two decades and are suitable for use in both aqueous and solvent-based systems. They are ideal for automotive applications where they act by gently pulling out the grit, grime and pollutants to keep paint or clear coat healthy, polished and vibrant.

Kaopolite comes in a range of particle sizes, each engineered for a different level of abrasion. Kaopolite® 1100 is ideal for spray formulations used on appliances and delicate surfaces such as marble, due to its ultrafine particle size. Kaopolite 1100 allows for easy application and wipe polishing – resulting in shiny, lustrous surfaces in the kitchen.

Kaopolite® SF is suited for bathroom and floor surfaces with moderate dirt and grime build-up requiring the additional cleaning power of a larger particle size abrasive.

Kaopolite® 1168 is a heavy-lifting cleaner, with a broad particle size ideal for converting soiled and oxidized surfaces on tile, glass cooktops, stainless steel and ceramic into a sparkling fresh surface in the bathroom, kitchen or in institutional applications.

Each of these solutions increases the cleaning power of formulations and improves the final appearance of hard surfaces.

Contact our Home care experts to see how our Kaopolite products can be part of your formulation and carry the CleanGredients and Safer Choice label.

* Imerys is proud to be a part of the CleanGredients organization. CleanGredients is the definitive database of chemical ingredients whose formulations have been pre-approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to meet the criteria of their Safer Choice Standard.

Key benefits

Provides clean, bright surfaces
Effective in the removal of scum
Removes dirt, grime, oil and hidden debris
Offers a superior, safe, natural and effective cleaning solution
Certified to CleanGredients for the Safer Choice standards
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