Automotive polishes

Our Kaopolite® range of automotive polish abrasives is kind to the environment and gentle to automotive and boat polished surfaces – but tough on grime and dirt.
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The greener way to make automotive coats shine 

Our Kaopolite line of kaolin clays is designed with auto polish manufacturers in mind. They gently remove grit, tar, dirt and pollution, and the fineness of their particles promotes excellent suspension in liquid systems with a non-damaging performance. 

We have a diverse selection of Kaopolite products that cover a broad range of overall abrasivity to meet the needs of various polishing applications. The unique aggregated amorphous structure, inherent inertness, ideal mohs hardness and controlled fine particle size distribution of kaolin clays have made them the “gentle abrasive” of choice for use in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems. Our range includes variations that can be used in buffing compounds to spray finish products. Our products work by effectively lifting and absorbing the dirt, grit and grime from surfaces while being soft enough that they prevent scratches, and are suitable for use with traditional and mechanical buffing methods.

Among other benefits, our automotive polishes are cost-effective, natural products and are certified to CleanGredients*.

*Imerys is proud to be a part of the CleanGredients organization. CleanGredients is the definitive database of chemical ingredients whose formulations have been pre-approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to meet the criteria of its Safer Choice Standard.

Certified to CleanGredients
Certified to CleanGredients*