Calcius® range

Calcius is our range of pharma-grade precipitated calcium carbonate that’s suitable for use as an active calcium ingredient in antacids, multivitamins and more.
Calcius range

Exceptionally pure calcium additives for antacids and vitamins  

Our range of Calcius pharmaceutical-grade, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) and calcium citrates are suitable for use as an active calcium ingredient with high solubility in antacids, multi-vitamins, mineral supplement tablets and chewables.

Sourced from our proprietary mine that’s dedicated to food and pharmaceutical products, and processed at our facility according to Good Manufacturing Practices, the Calcius range exceeds industry standards in terms of purity. 

Key features

  • High purity
  • Solubility
  • Wide range of densities available

The Calcius range comes in four densities, each designed for a different application, from chewables to swallowable or effervescent tablets. For calcium fortification in foods, we recommend our I-Blūm™ range.


Calcius PCC:

  • Comply with US Pharmacopeia
  • Meet all ICHQ3D limits for elemental impurities
  • Exceed USP standards and California Proposition 65 requirements with regard to trace lead levels
  • Are manufactured, processed and packaged in compliance with cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) at ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP certified facilities
  • Have halal, vegan and kosher certification
  • EINECS no. 207-439-9
  • CAS no. 471-34-1

IPEC member

As an IPEC member, we guarantee the safety, quality and consistency of our pharmaceutical grades, all of which are derived from controlled, proprietary sources that are available for audit.

The Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Package and Kosher certificate are available from our download center.

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