Agroperl is a natural, mineral solution for improving substrate performance in horticultural applications.
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A full range of premium expanded perlites for all horticultural applications

Agroperl is a natural perlite product. Perlite is derived from high-grade volcanic glass that forms as lava cools, trapping small quantities of water within its structure. We mine and mill perlite to create different finenesses of grind. These granules are then heated to around 1000°C causing them to expand to up to 12 times their original volume. During the expansion process, the water inside the structure vaporizes, creating countless tiny bubbles that form a lightweight porous material, ideal for horticultural applications.

We offer a full range of premium quality Agroperl® perlite grades to meet all your horticultural requirements and applications.

Used in substrates and potting mixes, Agroperl is an excellent soil conditioner which significantly increases the overall air capacity of growing media, allowing plants to breathe and stimulating root growth. Owing to the unique properties and closed-cell structure of Agroperl, water remains on the surface of the particles, meaning substrates stay well-drained and lightweight. Agroperl granules do not compress easily, significantly  increasing substrate porosity and guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Adding Agroperl to substrates lowers the loose bulk density of the overall mix, making the final substrate lighter and easier to handle.

Agroperl provides an ideal lightweight, sterile environment for plant germination, fostering optimum growth and even distribution of the root system. Plant roots can gently wrap themselves around the particles, providing anchorage and reducing stress and crop losses during transplantation. As a 100% natural additive, Agroperl can also be used in organic mixtures, where it provides good aeration and optimum drainage rates. Due to its low bulk density, containers are easier to move around, making lighter work for nursery employees.

Agroperl is an excellent rooting medium for growing cuttings from houseplants, wood shrubs, evergreens, vines, etc. Agroperl holds just the right amount of water to prevent stem ends from drying out, and is free from insect pests and disease-carrying organisms.

Agroperl is also your ideal solution for turf, compost, bonsai and orchid production.

Agroperl is good for the planet

  • Retains water and minimizes nutrient loss
  • No chemicals used during processing
  • Can be reused again and again
  • Can be disposed of on site after use
  • Ideal for organic production


Key benefits

  • 100% pure natural mineral additive
  • Chemically inert - pH of 6.5 to 7.5
  • Sterile material free of weeds, diseases and pests
  • Allows oxygen/gas exchange for roots and drainage
  • Retains nutrients for uptake
  • Lightweight, odorless and safe and easy to handle
  • Promotes good drainage, aeration and water distribution
  • Minimizes water consumption and prevents over/under watering
  • Minimizes transplanting losses
  • Recyclable
  • Certified for organic production


Agroperl is available in several grades and packaging sizes. Contact us to find out more.

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