We offer a full range of expanded perlites, moler, zeolite, bentonite as well as substrates for crop production.
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Soil conditioners, growing media and bags that make your plants thrive 

Our perlite, zeolite and moler mineral products help farmers and agriculturists enrich their soil to grow stronger, healthier plants, and our minerals are accredited for organic production.

Soil conditioning

Our perlites, molers, zeolites and Plant Available Silicons (PAS) are environmentally friendly soil amendments that significantly improve plant growth as well as resistance to disease, pests and environmental stress. 

Our minerals are ideal for:

  • Turf production
  • Compost production
  • Green roofs
  • Top soils for golf courses, playing fields, etc.

Recommended grades:

  • Agroperl® 
  • Terramol® moler
  • ImerFert DSi Plant Available Silicons
  • BZF, BZM zeolites
  • Agromont bentonite

Growing media 

A substrate, growing medium or potting mix is a combination of one or more  organic or inorganic components. The organic components are typically bark, peat, coconut coir, rice hulls and more. Perlite is an inorganic component that can be added to help ensure that the formulated product meets the following criteria. 

  • Provides anchorage for the plant
  • Provides a reservoir for water
  • Allows oxygen/gas exchange for roots and drainage
  • Retains nutrients for uptake

Comparison of some characteristics of growing media components
Comparison of some characteristics of growing media components

Our perlites are environmentally friendly soil conditioners for growing substrates that significantly improve plant growth and impact from biotic and abiotic stress. They can be used in:

  • Growing media, especially for berries and cannabis
  • Nursery blends
  • Rooting of cuttings
  • Turf production
  • Compost production
  • Bonsai and orchid production

Perlite features

  • Aerate the substrate, growing medium, or potting mix
  • Improve the water holding capacity 
  • Reduces plant stress
  • Stimulates plant growth 
  • OMRI Listed

Recommended grades (North America):

  • Cornerstone raw perlite
  • American Garden Perlite (AGP) expanded perlite
  • Harborlite expanded perlite

Recommended grades (South America):

  • Perliagro
  • Perlome
  • A6

Recommended grades (Europe)

  • Agroperl®

Hydroponic growbags

Hydroponic grow bags are mainly used for growing under greenhouse conditions. The aeration they provide prevents plant stress through root asphyxia and reduces fungal problems in cold conditions.

Our premium perlite hydroponic growbags:

  • Are 100% natural, pure, inert and sterile
  • Stimulate vigorous plant growth
  • Reduce plant stress by providing the optimum air/water ratio for hydroponic cultures
  • Provide stable results over time

We offer different product ranges and different mineral solutions depending where you are in the world. Get in touch with our teams to discover the Imerys mineral products available in your area and how they can help your plants and your business to thrive.