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Three Labs Unite to Launch Science & Technology Center Brazil

The unification of the three previous laboratories aims to increase efficiency and shorten project deadlines by speeding up the interaction between the different functions and applications of minerals in various industries.

The Imerys S&T lab team in Brazil

Imerys in Brazil celebrated the inauguration of its Science and Technology Center in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo on April 20, 2023. The company transferred its laboratory, previously located in Campinas, São Paulo, to the Imerys complex in Mogi, in order to centralize the development and research in a single location. This change aims to promote greater agility and efficiency in research and product development processes, strengthening Imerys' position as a world leader in industrial innovation.

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Imerys S&T lab in Brazil

With the new centralized center, the team aims to lead the specialty minerals industry by embedding responsible and sustainable thinking into everything they do. For example, the site is working to reduce density in plastics and paints which would contribute to favorable green mobility during the logistics processes, such as transportation. 

"Applying our expertise to serve our customers with commercial and operational excellence is paramount to our success" says Alexandre Lucato, Director of Science and Technology for Imerys in South America. “By focusing on our customer needs, we are able to leverage capabilities and resources to expand our presence in fast-growing markets.”

At the Science and Technology Center in Brazil, Imerys has the technological capacity to produce the application materials for various markets, such as paints, polymeric materials, beverage filtration and fertilizers. "Our scientists are studying particle coatings, mineral blends and slurry developments, as well as leading partnerships with universities and specialized laboratories around the world in order to generate new knowledge and scientific advances" comments Camila Domingos, Senior Scientist.

The new center represents a significant advance in the quest for innovation and sustainability in the industrial minerals sector, strengthening collaboration between teams from the eight Imerys Technology Centers across the world, partnership with clients and developing customized solutions for South America.

Niru Kenkare, Vice President, Science and Technology Americas

Helping our customers solve tomorrow's challenges by working closely with them and understanding the underlying problems strengthens us as partners of choice.

Niru Kenkare
Vice President, Science and Technology Americas
Bruno Leal VP Operations South America

Diversifying our portfolio and having the research and development group located here in synergy with the operation in this Mogi das Cruzes complex is essential for us to be able to raise the level of profitability to the next phase.

Bruno Leal
Vice President of Operations South America
Rafael Sakamoto Sales Director

The Sales and S&T teams are working together to get more dedicated and appropriate market information and studies that accelerate in finding better solutions for our customers.

Rafael Sakamoto
Sales Director

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