Juice filtration

Our mineral-based filter aids have been designed in a range of grades to boost filtration performance in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks while complying with industry standards and regulations.
Juice filtration

Optimum filter performance for enhanced clarity and flow rate

We offer a range of mineral-based filter aids for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Drawing on almost a century of production experience and application knowledge, our filter aid products offer you unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness in a wide range of filtration applications. 

We produce low extractable filter aids in a wide range of permeable grades to allow for solid elimination requirements while complying with Food Chemical Codex (FCC) limits and industry needs for low arsenic levels. 

Our Celite® and Kenite® line of filter aids provide the solution needed to meet these industry requirements while achieving consistent optimum filtration performance. Both products have millions of fine microscopic openings between particles to prevent solids from passing through liquids without compromising clarity, time to clarity or flow rate.


Created to deliver enhanced filtration of juices, wines and other beverages – particularly apple, pear and grape juices, or their blends, which may be impacted by the FCC’s limit on arsenic levels and in addition require an excellent level of clarity.