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Imerys is recognized in Brazil as "the best supplier of the year" by the paint industry

For seven years in a row, paint companies in Brazil have chosen Imeris as the Best supplier in the "Natural and synthetic filler" category.

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In September, the Brazilian magazine Paint & Pintura recognized Imerys as the Best supplier in the “Industrial minerals (Natural and synthetic fillers)” category as voted by paint producing customers. With 32% of the votes, Imerys was chosen as the best when compared to over 70 other similar suppliers in the segment.

To talk more about the importance of the award and what Imerys has done to achieve this recognition, we invited the Sales Manager for Paints & coatings, Fabrício Rodrigues, to answer a few questions.

Picture of Fabricio Rodrigues

What does this award represent to the market and to Imerys?

The award is affectionately nicknamed “The Oscar” in the Paints sector and has over the years become a good practice in our market for its recognition of the efforts and skills of the companies that make up the supply chain of this segment. For Imerys, the prize is a measurement of how we are doing, whether we are improving or not. We have the responsibility to play a leading role given our leadership, technological expertise and a wide portfolio of mineral solutions in the market. The award crowns all our efforts to be an organization that is focused on better serving our customers.

For the seventh year in a row, Imerys maintained its #1 status with an increase of 12% of the votes compared to the previous year. What improvements and innovations were implemented to achieve this honour?

We have a great responsibility as a team to bring “value” to our customers and this has only been possible through investments in smarter management systems, “real-time” leadership support and new gains in solution-based innovations. For example, the acquisition of the company EDK in Southeast Brazil increased our portfolio of products and services for the paint industry sector. And on top of all that, we have a fantastic team passionate about what they do. 

What was considered in the Paint & Pintura survey with customers?

The research carried out to determine the winners for the award is strongly related to overall awareness, notably brand awareness and how we are viewed in this market compared to our competition in Brazil. 

What are the next steps for the sector?

We believe that due to the ‘new normal, this segment has adopted a more collaborative approach to the supply chain, which has allowed greater adherence to the real needs of our customers, and ultimately, to the consumer. Technology that was already within reach is now being actively explored and used, which has encouraged both manufacturers and suppliers to seek functional, more efficient products that add value to the business and are sustainable for the environment. Once again, functional minerals play a key role in the value chain, helping our customers solve challenges to the cost and performance equation in their formulations.

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