VOC reduction

Reduce your resin load and the amount of VOCs in your finished product by adding cost-effective, naturally occurring minerals to your formulation.

Reduced VOCs for a wide array of finishes         

Certain minerals are ideal for reducing the VOC (volatile organic compound) content of coatings, helping you meet increasingly stringent regulations governing VOC emissions as well as your own life-cycle assessment and sustainable development agenda.

We create high performance, fine-grind fillers that combine chemical inertness and lamellarity with low resin demand, making them ideal for VOC replacement. 

If you’re making marine and protective coatings, industrial coatings, coatings for wind turbines or heat-resistant coatings for aerospace or automotive applications, ​​wollastonite products such as our Nyad range make an ideal extender. Its low oil absorption, unique mineralogy and acicular morphology make it an ideal extender for high performance, low VOC coatings. Nyad range gives improved mechanical properties and enhanced corrosion resistance.

Where available*, talcs also combine chemical inertness and brightness with low resin demand. Used in solvent-based paints and primers, talc products such as SteaShield, Luzenac and Steamas reduce the amount of additional solvent required for an application while achieving great filling rates and giving enhanced anti-corrosion performance. 

Finally, leucophyllite, a natural coalescence of mica, chlorite and quartz, can also be used in these applications. Leucophyllite products such as Eco-Phyl® give low viscosities in polar coatings, allowing a maximum filling rate while still achieving low solvent emissions. They are ideal for low-VOC paints and epoxy-based coatings.

EcoFlatTM 1880, a natural hybrid high brightness diatomaceous earth matting aid product allows formulators to formulate a high PVC dead flat paint line without compromising the film properties and water demand in the grind phase. It allows the paint formulators to further reduce VOCs compared to typically high oil absorption matting aid products.

Imerys' high brightness CaCO3 products such as#10 white®, Drikalite® and Microwhite® 100 are an excellent choice to formulate high solids coatings to reduce the VOC of the formulation. The lower oil absorption CaCO3 allows formulators to increase the loading level without any negative impact on the rheology of the paint formulation.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.