Advanced training for kiln furniture

Cascade excellence through your teams by offering them training in advanced kiln practice. Our approach to training is highly customisable to your needs.
Advanced training for kiln furniture

Become experts in firing and kiln furniture

Our advanced kiln furniture training is designed for technical employees, including production, process and design office engineers, who require in-depth knowledge of different types of kiln furniture. It’s ideal for members of your team who need to optimize your firing with specialized kiln furniture.

We customize each training session, based on the specific requirements of your team and the solutions they want to create.

In this module, we will study the different materials used to produce kiln furniture and their impact on firing:

  • Cordierite, mullite, N-SiC, SiC, Si-SiC, R-SiC
  • Firing theory: controls and good practices, main defects and prevention
  • How to improve the firing efficiency
  • How to achieve good fuel efficiency
  • Firing solutions for new designs

A standard training takes half a day, but it’s highly customisable, based on your needs. Training sessions could be combined with other training modules we offer, such as lab practice, ceramic processes or ceramic technology.