Smectagri bentonite is a high-quality product range recognized by the European Union to fight aflatoxins in animal feed.

A safe way to combat aflatoxins

Climate change, improper agricultural practices and increased global trade are affecting the prevalence of mycotoxins in crops and food. These toxins can harm the health of farm animals and, as a result, threaten the businesses of livestock producers.

One major concern is aflatoxins, the metabolites of the natural fungal species (fungus). They can thrive in the grains that make up a feed for all livestock species. If ingested by animals, they can cause gastrointestinal issues, liver damage, immune deficiency and even lead to carcinogenesis. 

Aflatoxins can be found in wheat, corn, rice, dried foods, spices and crude vegetable oils – but may also be present in milk and meat from animals who have consumed contaminated feed. Because most mycotoxins are chemically stable, food processing does not mitigate the risk. 

Bentonite is the only natural material registered by the European Union to combat aflatoxins. We source high-grade bentonite with very high aflatoxin-binding capacity (>90%) and very low heavy metal content, all in accordance with EU standards. Once extracted from our mines in Greece we transform it into a safe, natural feed additive.

Smectagri bentonite (sourced from Europe) binds to aflatoxins within an animal’s gastrointestinal system and is then expelled. In addition, it acts as a digestive aid, absorbing water and moisture in the animals’ gut, reducing diarrhoea and improving bedding, odour and the overall welfare of livestock. 

Smectagri bentonite also acts as flowability and anticaking agent for feeding raw materials, premixes and compound feed. Bentonite helps prevent clumping and keeps the feed flowing smoothly. As a technological additive, Smectagri bentonite acts as a binder, improving the durability of feed pellets.

Key benefits

High mycotoxin binding capacity
Low heavy metal content
Digestive aid for animals
Reduces effluents
Improves bedding conditions, odor and the overall welfare of livestock
Promotes binding, anti-caking and flow effect in animal feed
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