Sewper® Liner

Sewper® Liner is a new special calcium aluminate solution that protects concrete elements of new-build wastewater infrastructure from the most severe H2S biogenic corrosion.
Sewer image Sewperliner

New kid on the block: Sewper® Liner

Sewper® Liner is our latest product innovation based on calcium aluminate that provides new-build wastewater infrastructures highest durability by protecting them from most severe H2S biogenic corrosion. 

Today, when H2S biogenic corrosion is expected, new wastewater concrete infrastructures are typically sprayed with polymer liners - like epoxy - as a form of protection, but its lack of durability means it fails too often after only a few years. Starting from the same technology as for our highly successful SewperCoat® solutions, we developed Sewper® Liner, a radically innovative formulation to achieve long-lasting protection on the dry, flat and smooth walls of new concrete assets.

Sewper® Liner is three to five times thinner than SewperCoat®, making it ideal for larger surfaces so it can be sprayed quicker speeding up the construction process which in turn keeps the costs down. All that without compromising long term H2S corrosion resistance and durability associated to calcium aluminate technology.

Key benefits

Corrosion resistant
Very durable
Can bond on dry walls
Quick to apply
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