Nyad® for building materials

Nyad is our range of wollastonite for fiber cement board and concrete that is both temperature-resistant and fire-resistant. Nyad wollastonite grades can be combined with metakaolin to improve strength and cracking resistance in concrete. Our Nyad G product is ideal for improving the durability of pavement sealants.

Nyad for fiber cement board and concrete

Our Nyad wollastonite grades are ideal for use in both wet rooms, for their high-temperature resistance and dimensional stability, and fire-resistant fiberboards. For wet room applications, Nyad wollastonite grades can be formulated to create a synergetic effect with our Suzorite® 20 S and Suzorite® 30 S low bulk density phlogopite micas, which improve thermal shrinkage and control hydric movement. We recommend our Nyad® G, a high aspect ratio wollastonite with a needle-like structure, and Nyad® MG wollastonite grades for this application.
On top of this, when combined with metakaolin, our Nyad wollastonite grades improve cracking and ductility in concrete because of the synergistic effect the two have with mixed. This provides a host of benefits worth mentioning, from the improvement of early-age strength, reduction of micro-cracking and increase in flexural and compressive strength, to superior ductility, fracture toughness and shrinkage resistance. It is an excellent extension to macro fibers and textiles that provides ease of mixing and has proven to be a sustainable replacement or reinforcement on a micro-scale. We also recommend our Nyad G product for concrete applications.

Nyad G for pavement sealers

The specific chemical and physical properties of our Nyad G grade improve the durability and properties of pavement sealant products, including cure time, rheology and abrasion resistance.

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